Motivate yourself to work hard to make money

We have many ways to make money. Some people use their own labor to make money, and some people use their own intelligence to make money. There are many ways, not limited to one. Next, please take a look at the editor. This article.  
Someone said to me: You have no money.
My family asked me to enter the factory. Some people have a fixed income to enter the factory in order to earn living expenses. This is a way to get money, which is to work for people.
You can go to the supermarket, you can sell mobile phones, you can buy clothes…that is, a promoter.
   But I don’t want to enter the factory or be a promoter… I want to use knowledge, creativity, and culture to make money, which is called wisdom for short.
   I feel that entering the factory is too rigid for me, and every time I enter the factory, the effect I want is not achieved. The running-in period of my colleagues always requires my grievances to be fulfilled. What’s more, with my diploma, I think I am sorry to be a small general worker for the cultivation of my parents, and I am also sorry for the hard work of the decade and the dark reading of the college entrance examination.
  Where does the money come from? This is a good question. It can be earned by working for someone, by writing, by broadcasting and rewarding… In short, there are too many ways to get money, even from farming.
   A teacher told us a long time ago that people in Africa didn’t wear shoes, but we already wear shoes. A businessman saw this phenomenon. He thought it was a big market and excellent business opportunity. In other words, to sell shoes to Africans, we must first let them have the habit and awareness of wearing shoes. Only in order to open the market, like local Africans selling his shoes.   This reminds me of the knowledge of market economy taught to me by my political teacher. The most impressive thing is, the most important point is that the market supply and demand relationship can be divided into two situations: first, supply exceeds demand, and second, supply exceeds demand.
   I read an article about “selling rice” that touched countless people by chance, and this article was also awarded. But I didn’t think it could touch me. Hard work. This term is suitable for any farmer who works hard and works in the fields. On the contrary, I think this mother who sells rice is too stubborn. She said that it is more expensive to sell in the city, but people who collect rice also drive all the way to the store. People also have to pay for gas, and those who lose one cent or two cents are so careless. They would rather pick it up the same way instead of receiving the kind reminders from the vendors many times. Why bother?   Money comes from hard work, and from rapid thinking in the brain. There is a period to say: the knife will rust if it is not worn, and the brain will be dull if it is not used.
  Money is a currency with purchasing power. The more you accumulate and the more you give, the more you get. Using your brain to make money is better than using labor to make money, but using your brain to make money is harder than using labor to make money, because you have to keep thinking, learning, and accumulating knowledge.

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